November 13, 2010 - Photos and videos

The Nature Center at the park.

A Common King Snake.

Video of the King Snake (1.48MB WMV)

Doug and JoAnn's bird feeders are very active.

Video 1 of Doug and JoAnn's feeder (1.48MB WMV)

Video 2 of Doug and JoAnn's feeder (3.01MB WMV)

A hummingbird feeding.

Our feeder as seen from the outside.

Video of our feeder (1.64MB WMV)

Peach-faced Lovebirds at the "Bird Lady's" feeder down the way.  She says the feral population is over 250,000 in Arizona and growing.

A female phainopepla catching a bug.

Sunset colors on Pass Mountain.

Another sunset.

These sunsets do not get old.

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