December 14, 2011 - Everglades National Park, Part 2

A Male Anhinga

Double-crested Cormorants

A nice photo of a female anhinga.

Another female anhinga's head showing breeding color around the eyes.

American Alligator and Tri-colored Heron

A better photo of the tri-colored heron.

A great egret was also close by.

Gator and two egrets video (1.88MB WMV)

This bird was on to top of a tree.  Is might be a Northern Mockingbird with a bad hair day making it look like it has a crest

A Purple Gallinule made an appearance.  Always nice to see.

Video of Purple Gallinule (819KB WMV)

On our way out, this female anhinga showed us perfect form.

It was fun to visit the Everglades again. 

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