December 18, 2011 - Morikami Gardens

We had never visited Morikami Gardens before.  It was about a 45 minute drive north in Delray Beach.  Here is Marilyn reading the sign.

The nice looking cafe which was closing early so we did not try it.

It is a beautiful place so these are just a small sample of the photos we took.

Some turtles.

A Great Blue Heron.

A nice butterfly that stayed still long enough to get photographed.

Nice flowers.

Jim and Chris.

Video of interesting fountain (1.23MB WMV)

Lots to see here.

Video of waterfall in this area (804KB WMV)

A "happy" Buddha.

A lizard.


A modern Japanese refrigerator.  The top is the fridge, the next down is the freezer and the bottom is a vegetable crisper.


Video of waterfall by the entrance and exit (804KB WMV)

It was a beautiful day and an interesting place to spend it.

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