October 26, 2011 - The Peabody Ducks and Gibson Guitar Factory

We had heard about the Peabody Hotel's Ducks and decided to see them for ourselves.  The Peabody is a couple blocks north of Beale Street.

We had some trouble finding the entrance, it was in the parking garage.  See the duck?

We found ourselves a place to watch.  But there is one problem, we can't see the elevator. 

Nice ceiling.

Getting close.

Not seeing the elevator was a problem, the ducks were fast and we missed getting a photo or video of them heading for the fountain.

The ducks from close up.

Video of the ducks swimming (1.02MB WMV)

Next we went to Beale Street and toured a bit.

One store had a nice museum in the upstairs.  This is one example of the displays.

We had a very nice lunch at Miss Polly's Soul Food Cafe on Beall Street and moved on to the Gibson Guitar Factory a couple blocks away.

This factory makes acoustic electrics and semi-acoustic electrics and no photos were allowed.  It was a good tour.

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