April 17, 2011 - Cape Arago State Park

After leaving Shore Acres we drove down to Cape Arago, just a short drive but somewhere we had not been before.

From the parking lot we could hear sea lions barking and we walked down to find these two, but by the time we got there no sea lion was barking.

Lots of sea lions further out.

The close two are resting.

More further out.

Then we heard barking again.

Video #1 of Sea Lions where you can hear barking (1.15MB WMV)

Video #2 of Sea Lions where you can see the barker, but not while barking (1.03MB WMV)

Turns out the barking sea lion was in the water.

Also out in the water were harbor seals but they looked like sea otters from a distance.

The wind was cold so we headed back.  It was a fun stop here at Cape Arago.

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