March 9, 2011 - Beaches around Santa Barbara, CA

We took advantage of the "Chamber of Commerce" weather on the 9th and toured from north to south along the water.  It was in the 70s, sunny and fairly calm.

The beach close to UCSB:


Not many people since it was a weekday.

Video of a swimmer or snorkeler in the water (1.22MB WMV)

Some kelp washed ashore. A bit later a gull was eating it.

A kinetic sculpture that moved in the wind.

Video of the wind sculpture (686KB WMV)

Next we stopped at another beach with this nice mosaic.

Nice location for a restaurant.

A dog friendly beach.

Video of the dogs off leash on both sides of the slough (1.51MB WMV)

Video of some brown pelicans flying by (1.11MB WMV)

A mosaic of the local islands.

We can see why the locals like living here.

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