June 19, 2012 - Oregon Coast

We drove north to Albany, had some coffee at The Beanery, then headed to the coast and Newport, Oregon. 

We found a parking spot and looked for lunch and had a wonderful lunch at Canyon Way Restaurant and Book Store, up the hill.

A photo coming back down the hill with the bridge in the distance.

Looking downhill.

The main tourist area.

We saw they were doing shrimp processing with birds waiting their chance.

Shrimp Processing Video (475KB WMV)

Public pier.

View from the pier.

Many years ago we stayed at that hotel:

A nice bridge view.

One lone sea lion with some cormorants.  Certain times a year there are many sea lions and they are noisy.

We drove south on US101 and took the drive up to the Cape Perpetua view point.

Evita gets a walk here.

The view from the parking lot.

Evita again.

The view from the trail.

Video from viewpoint (3.001MB WMV)

Diane and Evita.

After our stop we drove further south to Florence Oregon and stopped at Old Town.

The bridge goes over old town.

From Florence we made our way back to Eugene.

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