August 13 to 19, 2012 - Monroe, WA

We left Rochester and after 114 miles we were back at LTR Thunderbird in Monroe.  We were last here in June.

This time no full hookup sites were available so we chose one on the River.

Bill was on a low fiber diet before his colonoscopy so we had dinner at Denny's.  Then we took a walk at Tye Park.

A butterfly at Tye Park.

The next day we had lunch at Teriyaki Wok Express since we determined if Bill didn't eat the salad he could have teriyaki chicken with rice on his diet.

The 15th was the day Bill had to eat only clear liquids and take the vile stuff to clean him out starting in the late afternoon. 

Diane ran errands on her own, including a doctor's appointment of her own in Mukilteo and getting the car's oil changed in Arlington.  She ate both lunch and dinner out, lunch at Maephim Thai in Marysville and dinner at Tuscano's Italian Kitchen in Monroe.

Bill woke up with a nasty headache during the night, probably a sugar crash due to the clean out.  Some black coffee helped and he was able to function well enough to ride to Lynnwood for his colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy procedure went well but unfortunately Bill had polyps and gets to have another in 3 years.  Once released Bill had a burrito at Qdoba.

Dinner was at Benjarong Thai in Monroe, which was very good. 

Bill was recovering well and had no ill effects but was taking probiotics and eating yogurt to make sure his digestive system was working.

We ran errands on the 17th and had lunch at Brown Bag in Kirkland, a place we had not been to for years. It was still very good.

The "pirate raft" on the 18th.

Across the river is a nice area for parties.

A bat decided the area between our windshield and windshield cover was a great place to hang out in the day.

Here is an outside photo.

And an inside photo.

A motorcycle group having a great time at the campground.

During the night the bat left but was back in the morning.

A video of the bat moving (8.64MB 3GP)

We met Bill and Ron at Noodleland for dinner the 19th. 

When the bat left the evening of the 19th Bill took the windshield cover down so the bat would not be there when we needed to leave the morning of the 20th.  It was fun to have the bat, but it needed to find a more permanent daytime spot.

Bill's mother had picked up a plastic canvas box at a garage or estate sale and Diane figured out her own version and made it while we were in Monroe. 

The black one was the original, the white one Diane's version.

Now we are heading back to Rochester.

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