Final Days and Preparations for sale - June/July 2003

The stuff in the house went up for sale, was put in storage, was given away, or taken to charity.  We had a handyman fix areas that needed fixing.  We had new carpet installed in the family room, the old one was shot and had some burn marks from sparks out of the fireplace.  We also did some touch up painting and added color to the family and living rooms by professionals.  Here is the family room changes, carpet and an accent wall with Evita checking out the new carpet:

The old carpet was off white, the new one is gold to match the wall and blend with the oak flooring.

Here is the living room with color to play off the fireplace brick:

We really liked the changes and wondered why it took selling the house to get us to do the work. 

The bonus room was finally empty:

We hadn't seen much of the floor or walls in the bonus room in years, it was quite a large room but it was where we stored stuff.  The bonus room was above the garage and had no closets, a good place for a pool table for someone with less stuff than we had.

We took pictures of much of what we put in storage.  We won't bore you with them except this hand made doll Diane's grandfather's sister-in-law made:

Another small item with no prior picture was the rear speakers in the dining room:

What was left in the house was a few cleaning supplies and light bulbs and the furniture we were trying to sell.  What didn't sell was going to St. Vincent de Paul, they will pick up.

We took pictures of the house empty, but it was so depersonalized it didn't seem like home any more.  Home was a motorhome now.  We moved into the motorhome July 8, 2003 so the carpets could be cleaned and drove down the driveway for the last time on the 9th.  Until we left the area we came back and made sure it stayed clean and the lights all worked.