Inside House Pictures from May 13, 2003

Before we did any remodeling or truly got rid of stuff Bill decided to document how the house looked while we lived there.  All the clutter, all the stuff, just like we lived.  These pictures are mainly here for ourselves to remember the house and friends and relatives who remember.

The garage with the Subaru Forester in the middle spot and the shop off the garage (the door at the back of the shop goes into a half bath that also has an outside door):

Garden tools in the first picture, the big freezer (already empty) and the second refrigerator:

Towards the door to the outside, where the motorhome lives:

The family room looking a the door to the garage, our most used door, in the first picture.  The upper hallway in the second floor showing the sky lights:

The family room is where Diane did her exercise videos and we watched movies.

The cabinet in the cubby hole has the TV in it:

Before we had a motorhome we would use the futon at night when it was hot outside, we could get the downstairs cool easier than the upstairs.  Once we had the motorhome we had an air conditioned place to retreat to:

Evita liked the family room as you can see from the cat stuff in it:

Showing the kitchen table, where we ate most meals:

The laundry room:

The kitchen was very nice and where everyone was when we had a party:

The formal dining room was used mainly for the audio system, there were four speakers and it played well throughout the house.  It also had the best light for many house plants:

The living room.  We actually lived a lot in this room, it was a good place to talk and read:

The foyer:

The study, where the computers lived:

The main stairs upstairs:

The master bedroom:

Looking from the master bedroom into the master bath:

Master bath:

Upper hallway and main/guest bath:

Guest bedroom, with the best view of the back yard in the house:

The rear stairs back down to the family room.

No pictures of the bonus room, it was the junk room, or the half bath off the garage.