October 31, 2002 - Halloween in Prescott, Jerome and Sedona, AZ

On the 31st we drove to Prescott, AZ:


We decided Prescott was going to take more than an hour so we headed over the pass to Jerome, a road we were glad we did not take the motorhome on:

We had a nice lunch in Jerome, enjoyed the stores and galleries and the views down to the valley.  Then we started the trip to Sedona and had some nice glimpses on the way:

When we got to Sedona we stopped at the visitors center and found out where to go and ended up by the airport for the views:

Then we drove up Oak Creek Canyon, which was ablaze in fall colors:

At the top of the canyon were natives selling crafts and Diane bought some pieces for presents.  There were even flowers up there:

We decided that Halloween was a good day to have dinner out so we drove back into Sedona and had a very nice meal at the Cowboy Club.  The merchants were open and giving out treats to the trick or treaters, so it was a fun time.  Then we drove back to the motorhome in Camp Verde for the night, already deciding to come back to Sedona the next day.

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