November 1, 2002 - Second Day in Sedona, Montezumas Castle

On November 1st we drove straight back to Sedona and started with the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which has some of the best views of Sedona and is very peaceful.

Then we took some short hikes around the city:

Back to Oak Creek Canyon:

The fall colors looked great this day:

We drove to the top of Oak Creek Canyon and all the way into Flagstaff but didn't take any pictures.  We took the interstate back down and stopped at Montezuma's Castle National Monument.  This was a misnamed place, it was actually built by the Sinaqua's instead of the Aztecs.  It is also very peaceful and the cliff dwelling is a popular photo-op:

There were ground level dwelling also:

The surroundings are peaceful, with the river and sycamore trees:

This last photo shows the setting best:

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