Lake Tahoe weekend, Feb 8 - 10, 2002

The company wanted to have a party to celebrate a big achievement, so they arranged it for Incline Village, NV on Lake Tahoe.  The company paid most of our expenses, but we had to come up with some ourselves.  Since we were paying for a rental car we arranged for a 4wd vehicle since there was a blizzard earlier in the week.  On February 8 we flew from Seattle to Reno, picked up our rental vehicle, an Mitsubishi Montero, and drove down to Carson City and across US50 to Lake Tahoe.  Here is a view on US50:

We took US50 since it was the lowest pass.  Here is our first glimpse of Lake Tahoe, or at least the first time we could take a picture:

The lake is just over 6,000 feet in elevation and is very beautiful.  It was the first time Bill had seen it in winter and Diane wasn't sure, both of us had been here in summer.

We settled in at the hotel, meeting many of our coworkers for drinks and dinner.  The next day many went skiing, we went exploring.  Here is the Mt Rose summit and our Montero parked there, the shortest route from Reno to Incline Village:

Then we decided to circle the lake counter clockwise in and out of California.  Here are some pictures coming down from Mt Rose:

We stopped at a cafe for lunch and ran into a coworker and his wife, so we had a great time chatting while eating.  Then we continued and here is another picture of the lake:

After getting back to the hotel we went to the beach:

It was cold, but really beautiful.

The big party was that night, the 9th, it was great fun.  The next day we headed to Reno for the night so we could fly out early on Monday.  We had time so we drove up to Virginia City and took these pictures from a view point up above Reno:

From Virginia City we drove down to US50 and saw this bit of fun in Moundhouse, NV:

We stayed at the Silver Legacy casino in Reno since we got a good deal, Bill found out later it was where his mother always stays when she travels to Reno to gamble.  The Excalibur and Circus, Circus are attached to the Silver Legacy so we had the dinner buffet at the Excalibur, it was supposed to be the best and was quite good.  Since we are not gamblers we went to bed early, had the Silver Legacy's buffet breakfast and flew back in the morning.  Then we checked in at work.

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