2002 Travels

We still had a house in 2002, so we took trips from that house in Woodinville WA.  Other than weekend trips we took a one week trip to Bend and Albany Oregon, another one week trip to Redding CA, and a one week trip to Moscow ID before quitting work at the end of August.  After we were not working we took a two month trip to Kansas and back visiting Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada for the first time, and we were on a one month trip to southern California when the year ended.  Many of these states were new to both of us.  We traveled 12,466 miles in the year, from Woodinville WA to Portola Valley CA.  We camped 124 days in 2002 at 61 different campsites (5 repeats), obviously most stays were one night.  We bought our tow car (a 2002 Honda CRV) new in January and had 10,328 miles on it at the end of the year.

January 2002: Mostly we were working.  This month we traded in Diane's 1995 Nissan Altima for a 2002 Honda CRV since it was towable with no modifications.  On January 27 we had a snow that slowed down the whole Seattle area.  Here are Pictures of the house in that snow.

Early February weekend trip to Lake Tahoe: We flew and rented a car

February Trip to Oregon: Warranty work, making the car towable, RV Driving School (#1 to #8 on map)

March and April trips: Two weekends and a one week trip to Redding, CA and back (#9 to #18 on map)

Memorial Weekend in Leavenworth: 100 mile drive to an area we had been many times (#19 to #20 on map)

Early July: Balloons and day trip to Bill's mothers house

Life on Wheels 2002: An  RV conference in Moscow, ID (#21 to #26 on map)

2002 Family Gathering: Annual family gathering in Poulsbo (#27 to #30 on map)

Trip to Eric's RV and Hurricane Ridge: Getting some suspension work led to a discovery (#31 to #34 on map)

September 12 to 23rd: Our trip to Kansas (#35 to #45 on map)

September 23 to October 10: Kansas including two conventions and Mara's death (#45 to #47 on map)

October 10 to 16: Colorado, mostly around Colorado Springs (#48 to #50 on map)

October 16 to 19: Raton, Santa Fe and Taos, NM (#51 to #52 on map)

October 20 to 21: Carlsbad Caverns (#53 on map)

October 23: Sitting Bull Falls and Guadalupe Mountains NP (#53 on map)

October 24-26: Cloudcroft, Las Cruces and White Sands NM (#54 on map)

October 27-29: Benson, Bisbee, Amerind Museum, Cochise Stronghold (#55 on map)

October 30 to November 1: Camp Verde, Prescott, Jerome, Sedona and Montezuma's Castle (#56 on map)

November 2 to 4: Las Vegas, NV (#57 on map)

November 5 to 11: Back to WA state (#58 to #63 on map)

November 12 to Dec 5: Home

Dec 6 to 31: California trip - back in WA January 7th (#64 to #73 on map)

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