Life On Wheels 2002 Conference, Moscow ID

We took a week off work to attend Life On Wheels conference at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID.   It was a very hot day when we went over the Cascade Mountains and we learned that we could not run both roof air conditioners with our generator, it overheated the generator.  When we got to the campground in Steptoe, WA after 288 miles it was 111 degrees.  The next day we drove the motorhome to the conference and it was still quite hot, the people doing the parking were not comfortable.  Here is how we were parked:

We had close neighbors behind us, Dan and Jenny Sheppard who we got to know quite well:

If you got registered early you could park on the grass:

We learned a lot at this RV conference, it was very informative.  We also made some good friends and contacts.  I made the pictures large here so the people are recognizable. 

Here was the opening ceremony:

The Salmon bake was a highlight, here are many pictures from that.  Here is the Salmon cooking:

Here is the group around us with Diane in the yellow chair and Ann Phillips in the wheelchair:

We were close to the line, Ann and Dick Phillips in front:

There is Jim next to Dan and Jenny Sheppard, who are the ones parked behind us.  Jenny liked the ice cream, but didn't like something she was seeing:

Another shot of people:

Here are Mary and Pete getting set up, their website is .  Bill and Louise Farlow are to the far left in green and yellow:

This toy poodle was a lot of fun:

Putting this web page together is was eerie how many pictures we have of Bill and Louise Farlow.  Bill Farlow has since died and is sorely missed.  He has written many good books and articles on RVing and was a great guy.  Louise is probably still a lot of fun, but we haven't seen her since these pictures were taken.

I pointed out Mary and Pete earlier and we got to know them well over the next few weeks.  They purposefully included our Dolphin in the picture of them at Life on Wheels: (link fixed Jan 9, 2007)

Mara has learned to travel better by now, she would tunnel under the covers on the bed and stay there while we traveled.  She didn't like a leash and acted like she was crippled, but she wanted to be outside and tolerated it. 

We met up with Mary and Pete on the way back to the Seattle area, we had a lot in common and arranged to stay at the same campground.  We told them we were also leaving the work world but were keeping the house, they were selling and going full time.  We lived close to each other.  We ended up at their party when they were moving out the house and tentatively planned to meet up on our respective ways east in early September.  We ended up with motorhome problems and left later so we never did meet up on the road.  They ended up deciding that full time RVing was not for them, but you can read about it on their website,  under .

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