Early July 2002

On July 2nd we had a couple balloons come over the house.  They launch balloons close by and every once in a while we will hear the noise they make and go out.  Sometimes they were close enough we could yell back and forth with the people.  We swore that someday we would take a balloon trip over the house and never did.

On the 6th we visited Bill's mother Elena, here is her mobile home showing off the bird feeder under an umbrella:

Here is Diane and Elena coming back from a shopping trip and a shot of our beloved Subaru Forester on the street.   When we park the motorhome here we cannot extend the slides, since the street is very narrow:

In back is the 1969 Buick that Bill's parents bought used while his father was still alive:

But let's get back to the bird feeders, they are very popular with the birds, especially finches.

Here is the inside view showing what Elena sees from the head of the table:

Here are some shots of American Goldfinches, Washington's state bird:

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