Memorial Day Weekend 2002 Trip to Leavenworth WA

For Memorial Day Weekend in 2002 we had a reservation at Icicle River RV Resort in Leavenworth WA, about 100 miles from our house.  We had the reservation since someone cancelled and since the reservations were by site number we were told it was a very nice site.  When we got there we found out how nice, we had a riverfront pull-in site with our motorhome windshield facing the river:

The spaces are tight, but we fit in.  They have the motorhomes face in to the river and the trailers back in to the water.

Here is our view of the river from the front:

We ended up chatting a bunch with our neighbors who were from Renton, WA. They had a surprise child while older and he was now 16 and could drive.  He was a smart and easy going guy, they were justified in being proud of him.  They had reserved the spot a year earlier.

We took the hike up the river and here are some pictures:

We had been to Leavenworth many times and knew the town well, it was a 2-1/2 hour drive from our house.  We did shop, we did look at the craft booths in the park, and we did eat in town.

On the way home it was warm enough to put the motorhome air conditioning on and suddenly we heard a sound and soon it was blowing warm air.  We ended up not getting this fixed until we visited the National RV factory in December and had to run our generator and roof air conditioners to stay cool until then.

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