November 2-4, 2002 - Las Vegas, NV

It was a long 310 mile drive from Camp Verde, AZ to Las Vegas, NV but we did it in one day.  We took the motorhome over Hoover Dam and they did have us open up our compartments to make sure we didn't have a large bomb.  Our campground was on the Boulder Highway and had instant phone hookups so we could get on the internet.  The last time Bill was in Vegas was in the mid-80s when he was in town for an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) convention where he presented a paper and co-hosted a session.  Diane hadn't been here since she was a teenager.  It had changed, the casinos were larger and more elaborate, amazing what billions of dollars will buy.

On the 3rd we parked at Circus! Circus! and had their lunch buffet before walking the strip.  We had to work at it to avoid the smokers:

Here are a plaque and tribute to Siegfried & Roy:

This was before Roy was mauled by one of their tigers, the show was over $100/each and was booked weeks in advance.  We had checked for tickets on their show and Cirque de Soleil and found they were both too expensive for our comfort, over $100, and sold out anyway. 

Treasure Island was fun from the outside. 

You could be in Europe or New York here:

There was even a roller coaster at New York, New York:

We did enjoy the free water show at Bellagio and were worn out from our day on the strip.

The morning of the 4th we drove to Hoover Dam.

The afternoon of the 4th we drove to the town of Blue Diamond for our mail and then to the Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area.

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