October 16-19, 2002 - Northern NM, Santa Fe, Taos

We weaved our way back through Colorado Springs and drove 166 miles to Raton, NM on October 16.  We went to the visitors center and other than learning how to pronounce "Raton" we decided the local attractions could wait for another day.

The next day we drove 187 miles and camped at Santa Fe Skies RV Park on a three nights for the price of two coupon we got when we bought the Big Rigs Best Bets campground book at the FMCA convention in Hutchinson, KS.  We had a good time in Santa Fe, but we didn't take any pictures.

On the 19th, our last day, we did take pictures was on a day trip to Taos.  We took the back route to Taos and here are pictures along the route showing the fall colors:

Then we were in Taos:

We had a nice lunch at Doc Martins, recommended in the Big Rigs book.

We looked at Kit Carson's house and other attractions and then took the "fast" road back to Santa Fe.  The fast road mostly follows the Rio Grande River:

We knew we would be back in Santa Fe.

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