October 23,2002 - Sitting Bull Falls and Guadalupe Mountains NP

There was a Good Sam rally in our campground from Las Cruces and they told us that October 23 was the free day in Lincoln National Forest and they were going to Sitting Bull Falls.  We decided it sounded like a good place to go that day and followed them there.  Here are some photos of the trip to the falls:

When we got to the falls the group was just leaving and they told us they were heading to a restaurant up the road a ways if we wanted to follow.  We went viewed
Sitting Bull Falls and the area:

There were even some flowers:

Once we were finished with the falls we headed down the road to the restaurant, really a cafe catering to the hunters in the area.  It was mobbed with hunters and the Good Sam rally so they were cooking as fast as they could and had all the uncooked food laid out on the counters to save time.  The next day Bill was sick, we figured the sanitation at this place was the reason. 

The rally people headed back to the campground, but we decided there was plenty of daylight left and took the gravel road to Texas.  Not long on the trip we saw a roadrunner, here is the best picture we have of the bird:

It ended up being a long journey on a dirt and gravel road, with some scenery like this:

Finally we came to Texas:

Then the road got better and hooked to the highway which we took to Guadalupe Mountains National Park:

It was late afternoon, but we decided to take a look at McKittrick Canyon since it had fall colors:

We saw the colors and took the nature loop with many nice signs for the plants:

We got out before dark and drove back to the campground. 

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