August 26, 2002 Trip to Eric's RV and Hurricane Ridge

We had met Eric Davis of Eric's RV in Sequim, WA at Life on Wheels.   After talking to him we decided to have him upgrade our suspension on the motorhome so we drove up to Sequim on August 25 and spent the night in his lot.  In the morning we left the motorhome to have the work done and headed into Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

Here are some pictures of the Straits of Juan de Fuca from the road up to Hurricane Ridge:

We had a good time at Hurricane Ridge and took the trails, here are some pictures:

Since we had no cell phone service at the top we headed back down and Vancouver Island was just visible now that the fog had cleared:

We ended up visiting the Port Angeles waterfront when we got a call, there was a problem and we needed to head to Eric's.  When we got there they told us the Safe-T-Plus was installed wrong and we had some major work needed to make the motorhome safe, a bolt was never installed:

We cleared out of the motorhome:

And we drove the car back, taking the ferry this time since the toll was much less than with the motorhome:

Eric managed to get the place that did the faulty install to pay for the repair, a new tie-rod, two new front tires and a new Safe-T-Plus and brackets.  We paid for the new shocks, Davis Tru-Trac bars and a rear IPD sway bar.  IPD was not ready to release the front sway bar for our Workhorse W-22 chassis, but we arranged to have it put on at IPD in Portland, OR as a prototype.  But we were without our motorhome for two weeks and couldn't head east on the original schedule.

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