October 9-15, 2003 - Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware

October 9th we drove 134 miles to Thomaston, CT and stayed at Branch Brook Campground:

The campground was very nice and had fall colors.

We were impressed with the roads in Connecticut, they were not designed like most in New England, they were friendly to people who hadn't grown up in the place and knew were everything was.  They had signs that told you what street you were on, not just the cross streets, they had real rest areas, it was a much nicer experience that the states we had visited the last month or so.  It was our first time in Connecticut, but we would be happy to come back.

October 10th we drove across southern New York and into Sussex County, New Jersey.  New York was very pretty with fall colors.  The first campground we stopped at had excessive pet rules, so we went to another and got the last spot.  It was Green Valley Beach Campground and we had driven 152 miles.  We had to stay forward in the campsite since it was a bit soft:

The campground was closing for the season in two days and many trailers were covered and winterized.

Our neighbor was readying his trailer to stay on site for the winter and said they have had black bear run through the campground multiple times.  All we saw were saw chickens and deer:

We also saw fall colors:

The deer came out every evening on the main lawn:

We had heard New Jersey was all city and suburbs so we were happy to find a more rural area for our first time visit.

On the 11th we drove into Pennsylvania and south to Coatesville where we camped for two nights at Beechwood Campground.  We drove 154 miles and stopped for lunch in Emmaus, PA, where we ate at the Emmaus Diner.  It was unexpectedly good, we can recommend the place.  Beechwood puts the overnighters on the hill, so our side-to-side leveling was very bad and we were glad we have many wood blocks to make us level:

Evita enjoyed the campground:

On the 12th we drove west to Lancaster, PA to see what it was like.  Outlet malls and Amish buggies is what we remember. 

The 13th we drove down into Delaware and after 124 miles we were camped at 3 Seasons RV Resort in Rehoboth Beach for half price on Passport America:

It was a really nice campground, close to town and had big open campsites:

Our neighbor was also from Kitsap County, WA, so again we drove across the country and met someone from home.  We also learned the campground had been sold and would only be open one more year, then it would be torn down for condos.  It is so sad to see these campgrounds go away and very frustrating to us who want them to continue to exist.

This was shoulder season for Rehoboth Beach, about half the tourist shops were closed but most everything else was open.  The restaurants were about half to three-quarters full and the outlet mall was fairly busy. 

The beach at Rehoboth Beach was almost empty:

Horseshoe crabs are not something people from the Pacific Coast are used to:

We also took a day trip to Ocean City, MD.  About 80 to 90% of the businesses in town were closed for winter, Ocean City really shuts down after summer.  Huge hotels and condos, very wide streets, and very few people.  We had to look hard to find a restaurant for lunch and they were only about 1/3rd full.  We were glad to get back to Rehoboth Beach where there was some life.

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