October 16-19, 2003 - Washington, DC area

On October 16th we drove 152 miles from Rehoboth Beach, DE to Lake Fairfax County Park in Reston, VA.  This campground was recommended by Diane's parents and was very quiet, a good price, and fairly close to the Metro train to Washington, DC.  Here is our campsite:

We saw this trailer that had a rear slideout, a first for us:

We drove into Falls Church and Alexandria to see what was around and Diane saw a Trader Joe's!  We immediately turned in and bought some of our favorite Trader Joe's items.  By now it was dinner time so we found an excellent Indian  restaurant, Haadhi.

October 18th we took the Metro into Washington, DC:

The weather was decent.  Here is The Mall:

We decided to tour the Natural History Museum first:

We took a docent led tour of the museum, something they do not offer in summer because it is too crowded.  We learned a lot and left the museum just before the 5PM closing time.  We still hadn't seen it all, we could easily spend two days touring just this museum.

October 21st we again ventured to The Mall.

This time we spent the day at the Air and Space Museum.  We again took the docent led tour and learned a lot.  Another museum we could spend multiple days at.

Bill's father was involved with the Flying Tigers:

Once we came out of the museum we decided our feet were not going to take going to a museum the next day so we wandered The Mall a bit:

October 19th we drove down to Mount Vernon and toured George Washington's House.  It was our last day in the area, but we knew we would be back and would try to stay much longer than four nights.

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