October 20-26, 2003 - On to Myrtle Beach, SC

October 20th we drove 70 miles to Aqua Land Campground in Newburg, MD to get our one night in Maryland.  We had realized that even though we had crossed Maryland, we had not spent the night in the state.  The campground was not really worth it, but here are the pictures:

Our neighbors were mostly long term sites:

October 21st we drove 140 miles to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground in Emporia, VA.  They put is in a spot that was not level right by the highway.  We were unhappy to be by the highway because of the traffic noise.

But, behind those trees at the rear of the campground is a railroad switching yard.  The trains and loudspeakers were louder than the highway so we were glad we were next to the highway since the switching yard ran all night long.

October 22nd we drove 187 miles to Sleepy Bear RV Park in Lumberton, NC.  This is a former Yogi Bear Jellystone campground.  Though we were close to the highway it was much quieter than the night before.

We drove into town for groceries and we knew we were in the South, they had greens and fat back in large quantities in the stores. 

October 23rd we drove 101 miles to Pirateland Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC.  This is a huge campground with almost 1000 campsites, but there are two larger ones in town.  We paid $31/night plus tax for an ocean front campsite, the standard sites were $30/night at this time of year.  Four extra dollars for four nights and being on the ocean seemed worth it.  We could see the ocean from the windshield:

This photo is looking back from the path to the beach at our campsite:

Here is the path to the beach and the beach very close to our campsite:

We spent the next few days touring, here are some pictures we took:

It was a quiet time in Myrtle Beach, the beach was not crowded.  Most of the restaurants were open but many souvenir stores and small attractions were closed for the season.

We toured north into North Carolina and south about 30 miles.  It was quiet and the weather was good.

Here is a view of the ocean from our windshield and a some White Ibis roaming the campground.

The campground had many rules to keep the noise down and to keep people under control.  If you came back between 11PM and midnight you had to park at the entrance parking lot and walk to your campsite.  If you came back after midnight and before 7AM the gates were locked, you could not get in at all.  These rules were not a problem for us, but we could see them being a problem for others.

On October 26th we visited the Ripley's Aquarium.

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