October 27-30, 2003 - Charleston, SC

October 27th we drove 111 miles to Lake Aire Campground in Hollywood, SC, very close to Charleston, SC.  Half a mile away were the two campgrounds that had Charleston addresses, so we were about as close as we could get.  We were actually about ten miles from the real city.  Here is our campsite:

The rear of the motorhome and a view of the "lake" in front:

It started to rain, it rained very hard, and for many hours.  In the morning we saw ducks swimming out from under the motorhome, there was that much water.  When we came out our neighbor to the passenger side had to tell us about the ducks swimming under the motorhome.  Here is how it looked after it soaked in a bit:

This is a close-up showing the mud tracks our driver's side neighbor left when leaving and some of the water.  The sewer hookup was underwater for a while, we did have enough water under the motorhome for the ducks to swim. 

Some other campsites didn't dry out so fast:

The ducks were happy:

We went to downtown Charleston and bought a set of tickets for house and plantation tours.  We started by looking around the city and took a couple tours that didn't allow cameras.

We decided we had enough time to tour one of the larger places out of town so we toured Middleton Place on the 29th.

The next day we started by touring Drayton Hall.

Then we came back into Charleston and toured places in the city

Diane looking at the traditional baskets from the area:

Fort Sumter in the distance, where the first battle of the Civil War started.

Charleston was a beautiful and interesting city.

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