October 31 to November 3, 2003 - Savannah, GA

October 31 we drove 95 miles to Whispering Pines RV Park in Rincon, GA to visit Savannah, GA.  Here is our campsite:

We had some expensive neighbors:

Savannah was a more "real" city than Charleston, SC, it acknowledged its past but was a place to live today.  A bit more gritty in places, but we liked the feel better.   In Charleston we felt like they would like to go back to their glorious past, in Savannah they were happy with today.  We toured it on November 1st, including a trolley tour.

Across the water is South Carolina, Hilton Head is only a few miles away.  You will see the front of the statue in a later picture:

This statue was right in the main tourist area:

The waving girl would wave at all ships as they came into the harbor with her dog, this statue commemorates that:

On November 2 we drove down to Tybee Island.

On the way back from Tybee Island we visited Fort Pulaski.

November 3rd we dropped the motorhome off for maintenance and had Evita with us until it was finished.  Here she is getting a walk in a local park.

While driving to this park we saw a pair of Golden Eagles, they really looked gold in the light.

Once the motorhome was ready we took it back to our campsite and got ready to head to Jacksonville the next day.  Savannah was someplace we could see ourselves visiting again.

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