August 31, 2003 - Makoshika State Park, Montana

The entrance to Makoshika State Park was just off downtown Glendive. 

There is a lot to do.  We checked out the campground and found a couple spaces would handle a big rig like our motorhome if we came back.  We started taking roads and trails and used up the whole day:

We encountered a rattlesnake, which didn't rattle since it didn't want to be noticed:

This lizard was hoping we wouldn't see it either:

Mostly we saw scenery and a few other people:

A natural bridge:

From the top the view was for a long ways, civilization is in the far distance:

They have an outdoor amphitheater with lectures and plays in the summer.  Our campground neighbors said it was a lot of fun to come out for the shows:

It was well worth visiting this state park.

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