August 29-31, 2003 - Glendive, MT

It was Labor Day weekend and we needed to be somewhere that was not a long weekend destination, we headed for Glendive, MT on the 29th.  We could at least drive to Medora, ND and see Theodore Roosevelt National Park from there if nothing was happening in Glendive.  The landscape on I-94 did not change until we got close to Glendive, it was putting us to sleep.  After 226 miles we made it to Glendive RV Park in Glendive, MT.  Here is our campsite:

If you walk out into the field at the rear of our campsite you will eventually get to the Little Missouri River:

This picture shows the bridge on I-94, the campground is on the interstate.

This is looking back at the campground from the river overlook:

Glendive wasn't a very exciting town, but it wasn't bad.  We learned the largest state park in Montana was right out of town, Makoshika, and it was worth going to.  Makoshika means "bad land" and encloses most of  the Montana Badlands in its borders.

Our next door neighbors were also Escapees.  They were from Virginia Beach and camp host at one of the large campgrounds there in winter.  The man was trained to inspect gas pipelines and they would go to various places for four to eight weeks while he did his work.  This sounded like a good job until we heard they drove from Tennessee to North Dakota in about four days for the previous job, making this job a much shorter drive than the previous.  They had a couple weeks left on this job and then they were headed to Virginia for the winter.

The next day, the 30th, we drove into North Dakota and visited the South Unit of Theodore National Park

On the 31st we spent the day in Makoshika State Park.

Glendive turned out more interesting than we expected.  Both Makoshika State Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park are worth coming back to.  Someday we will and we also want to see the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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