August 21-28, 2003 - Idaho and Montana

The motorhome was fixed, and it did stay fixed, and we were ready to resume our journey east.  On August 21st we drove for 174 miles to Coeur d'Alene RV Resort in Post Falls, ID. 

Here is our campsite:

The resort had many expensive RVs along with more modest ones.  Bill saw his first iNetVu, the Canadian company C-Com's automatic roof mount internet dish:

We had seen many of Motosat's Datastorms, they were the most common automatic roof mount internet dish, but this was the first iNetVu.

We made reservations at Beverly's in the Coeur d'Alene resort for Bill's birthday dinner.  We had eaten at Beverly's a few years earlier and knew it took the buy one get one free restaurant card we had.  It still cost a fair amount for dinner and Diane enjoyed their signature huckleberry soufflé again.  We were not renewing the restaurant card, we were not using it nearly as often unemployed as when we were working.  Here are some pictures from the resort, the lake cruise boats leave from its docks:

On the 22nd we drove up to Sandpoint, ID to see it.  Diane had been in the town for skiing, but it was the first time for Bill.  Another place to come back when we have more time.

On the 23rd we drove 168 miles and camped in Missoula, MT.  We stayed at Jim and Mary's RV Park, which was quiet but it had some trees so Bill had to work at it to get the satellite dish working.  Here is what our campsite looked like as we tore down, Bill was still getting the hang of taking campsite pictures:

We had a fax exchange while in Missoula, but no accepted offer.  There was smoke in the air from forest fires so we didn't try going to Glacier National Park.  We did drive up to Flathead Lake:

We again enjoyed a nice meal at The Shack in Missoula and found out that the 4B's chain was a decent place to get a meal, their signature tomato soup is very good.

On the 26th we drove 222 miles to Bozeman, MT and camped in tight campsites, but our neighbor was a fancy rig:

On the 27th we drove to Billings, MT and decided to splurge and see what the main KOA was like, KOA is based in Billings.  The trip was 143 miles and it cost us about $40/day for this campsite:

We felt it was overpriced. We had visited Billings a few years earlier and enjoyed going to Pictograph Caves State Park, so we went again:

This picture has been enhanced a bit to make the pictographs show up better:

This cave is where people lived, but has no pictographs:

During our previous visit a rattlesnake killed a marmot while we were there, nothing so exciting this visit.

On the way back to the campground we took some pictures of the Yellowstone River:

Labor Day Weekend was coming up so we decided to go someplace that wasn't a long weekend getaway and chose Glendive, MT. 

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