August 30, 2003 - Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit

It was a bit over an hours drive from Glendive, MT to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit.  We really didn't know exactly what to expect and found bad lands:

Prairie dogs:

More bad lands:

There was a nice scenic drive:

What are those in the second picture?

Buffalo (American Bison), of course:

More scenic spots:

The Little Missouri River, looking different than in Glendive:

More Buffalo:


And some wild turkeys:

The National Park campground:

The road into historic Medora:

We looked around the shops in Medora and bought some wonderful candied nuts.  Turns out there was plenty of space in the campgrounds in Medora proper and we could have been present for the nighttime entertainment.  Medora is famous for a cowboy musical and for pitchfork fondue, where they skewer steaks on a pitchfork and cook them in oil.  We were glad we stopped by and visited both the national park and the town.

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