September 19, 2003 - Visit to Alexandria Bay, NY

September 19th we drove into Watertown, NY and had some lunch.  It was fairly close.  We noticed that Alexandria Bay was not much further so we drove up to it after eating.  Alexandria Bay is where the tour boats go into the Thousand Islands area of the Saint Lawrence River.  Tropical Storm Isabelle was hitting the other end of Lake Ontario, by Buffalo, which was causing winds here and unsettled weather.  We decided to wait till the next day to take the boat tour.  Here are views from the park in Alexandria Bay:

Boldt Castle, the main attraction of the Thousand Islands, was visible from Alexandria Bay:

As was the Boldt Yacht House (on right):

We could see from land that some of the small islands had houses:

We drove back to the campground and planned to come back the next day for a tour.

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