September 18-21, 2003 - Henderson Harbor, NY

On September 18th we drove 112 miles to Association Island RV Park in Henderson Harbor, NY.  It was a Passport America campground, so we were getting the campsite for half price.  We turned where the directions said and drove and drove, then the road made some turns and we drove and drove some more.  The road got more and more rural and suddenly we were going over a short causeway and then a bridge and we were there, the campground was an island.  Normally they only give the half price deal on the standard sites but since it was late in season they gave it for all sites so we splurged and spent $25/night for the normally $50/night pull-in waterfront sites.  Here we are:

This is the view out the front, Lake Ontario:

Bill eventually staked down the satellite dish because the winds were high while Tropical Storm Isabelle hit the other end of the lake:

Here are some views from the highway just to the north of the access road looking at Association Island:

The small white spots are RVs, but our motorhome is on the opposite side of the island looking into the lake:

Once we were setup we got a call from the escrow company, our house sale had closed.  We were officially full-timers!

On September 19th we explored Watertown and Alexandria Bay, here are our pictures of Alexandria Bay.

We learned quickly that when we came back in the evening to be very attentive while driving since there were many deer around.  We encountered them on the road from the highway, on the causeway and by the bridge. 

September 20th we took our tour of the Thousand Islands and Boldt Castle.

September 21 we toured the local area some more including Sackets Harbor, famous in the War of 1812.  We only took this one picture, though:

We had a good time here, now it was time to see those New England fall colors.

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