September 20, 2003 - Boldt Castle

The tour boat had been going by Boldt Castle and its island, Heart Island, the entire trip, now it was time to dock and see the island and castle ourselves.  To read about Boldt Castle this web page will help.   Boldt Castle was being built as a gift for George C. Boldt's wife, Louise, but she died before it was completed.  Boldt stopped the project and eventually the island was taken over by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and is being restored.   They keep well manicured gardens here:

Lots of very informative signs:

You can see about everything:

There was a wedding going on when we arrived:

It was fun to see things close up:

Inside is where the castle was not completed, but there was still many rooms to see that were complete and the unfinished rooms were still interesting.  This was the bowling room:

Nice stained glass ceiling:

Here is a view of the Yacht House:

Next we went back on the tour boat to Alexandria Bay.

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