September 20, 2003 - Tour of Thousand Islands

September 20th we drove back to Alexandria Bay and took the Thousand Islands tour boat.  Yes, Thousand Island dressing was named for this area and invented locally.  Yes, there are lots of islands and some are in the U.S. and some in Canada.  Another tour company runs boats from Gananoque, Ontario, and a park employee in Alexandria Bay likes Gananoque and that tour company better than the U.S. version.  We didn't want to deal with crossing the border this day so we booked in the U.S.  The weather was better today so we were glad we waited.

Here is the view of Boldt Castle from the start of the boat tour:

Lots of expensive houses with nice landscaping:

Some islands don't have houses, some do:

The second picture is the bridge between the U.S. and Canada:

The second picture is one of our many passes by Boldt Castle:

The first is the small island with a house.  Another view of Boldt Castle in the second:

The Boldt Yacht House in the first and a close up of some of the Castle island in the second:

More views of the Castle and island:

The Canadian tour boat and it's Canadian dock:

A nice place for a church:


Another small island house, this one is obviously in Canada:


This house is in one country and the small island with the bridge is in the other, we can't remember which is which.  The owner sometimes likes to take the tour boat and told the tour company the bridge is handy when he has an argument with his wife, he goes over the bridge to another country and waits for her to cool off.

Most of the houses in the Thousand Islands area are summer only places.

But the largest place is one that was never finished, Boldt Castle, we docked and toured the place at the end of the tour, here are the pictures.

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