October 4 to 6, 2003 - Southern NH and Plymouth, MA

October 4th we drove down the Maine coast to southern New Hampshire to have dinner with friends.  We stopped at Gabriel's in Wells since they had enough parking lot for us and had a really nice meal and much cheaper than we saw lobster any where else in Maine.  After 100 miles we were camped in Pine Acres Family Campground in Raymond, NM:

We were here to meet up with old friends, Kathleen and Tony, they lived close by and this was the closest campground that allowed pets.  It was expensive for what we got, but that is what you do for friends.  Tony told us the roads going into their house had low overhanging branches, so we would not be able to bring our motorhome there.  It started raining and we took the notebook computer with GPS to find their place and saw what Tony meant about the overhangs.  We had a good visit.

October 5th we skirted around Boston metro and ended up at Sandy Pond Campground south of Plymouth, MA after 123 miles.  The Trailer Life Directory made it sound like it was going to be a tight fit in their campsites, but did not include the new section where we had a big spot and it was clear for the satellite dish.  The office said Trailer Life wanted them to take out a full page advertisement before they would update their listing.   Here is our spot:

Here is a view of the new section of the campground:

We had time to tour around the local area on the 5th:

We were close to the Cape Cod Canal:

October 6th we went to Plimoth Plantation, which recreates the pilgrim village and has people role playing the pilgrims.  It was very educational. 

Here are some of the same kinds of livestock the Pilgrims had in "Plimoth", which is how they spelled "Plymouth":

We didn't take pictures of the people inside, but here are some of the pilgrims working on an outside project:

Here is a view of the village:

The pilgrims had nice goods from England in their houses:

We learned the pilgrims were insufferable bigots, just like many modern people.  They were very intolerant of those who did not share their beliefs.

Our ticket also got us onboard the Mayflower II in downtown Plymouth:


Here is a view of Plymouth Harbor:

We had a really good "New England Italian" meal at Carmela's in Plymouth.  People from New England and New York always wonder why Italian places do not measure up to what they are used to, including those in Italy.

In the morning there was frost on the ground at the campground, it really was time to start heading south.  Someday we will come back and visit Boston and Cape Cod.

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