June 5 to 12, 2004 - Back to Washington State

June 5th we drove 223 miles to Mountain View Trav-L-Park in Baker City, OR for one night:

June 6th we drove 160 miles to Diane's brother Leo's house in Kennewick, WA.  We were parked by Diane's parents motorhome and got to see their new car:

Leo's house used to be Diane's grandparents and Diane's parents used to own the yellow house visible behind the car.  When they owned the house it was blue.  It was very strange for us to visit since we both knew the houses from the past. 

We had a good visit and showed off our new motorhome.  We also got a tour of Diane's parents old house from the present owner, who is very nice and has done extensive remodeling. 

June 9th we drove 150 miles to Easton RV Resort in Easton, WA and scored one of their full hookup sites. 

Evita liked Lake Easton:

On June 10th we drove 118 miles to America Heritage RV Park in Olympia, WA.  The campsite was very tight and a bit expensive.  We decided this was not a good campground choice for us.

We visited Bill's mother Elena in Tumwater and got a new scratching structure for her cat, Meesha.  Here is Elena enticing Meesha to give it a try:

It was a hit after a while:

Here is a better picture of Meesha:

We also got to visit Carl, Laureen and their daughter Fuchsia.  Laureen and Fuchsia even came to see the new motorhome.

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