July 17 to 21, 2004 - Clarkston and Ellensburg, WA

July 17 we took the 7% grade down to Granite Lake RV Resort in Clarkston, WA for a total of 37 miles.  We took the grade using the exhaust brake at about 35mph and it went great.  We noticed a fifth wheel followed us down and they also followed us to the campground.  They had also come from Life On Wheels and figured we knew what speed to take the hill at.  They said 35mph was a good speed and they needed the reminder to slow down.

Here is our campsite during Evita's walk:

Afterwards Evita decided to rest:

Our campsite faces Granite Lake, which is a manmade lake on the Snake River:

Our view to the east:

Straight ahead:


A Beamer's jet boat going by.  We will be taking one of these in a couple days:

Just up the path is this monument to Lewis and Clark:

Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID are border cities named for Clark and Lewis.

The Beamers dock is just up the path from the campground.  Here is a group getting off one of the boats:

July 18th we drove into Idaho and toured.

July 19th jet boat trip up Hells Canyon Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

July 20th the Queen of the West docked just up the way and Beamers sent jetboats to take passengers up Hells Canyon:

Captain Dan and his first mate were also doing this trip:

We broke camp and drove mostly back roads to Ellensburg, WA and E&J Resort. The trip included a bridge by Lyons Ferry State Park that we were glad no vehicles were coming the other way on.  The total distance was 199 miles.  Here is our campsite:

July 21st trip to Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park

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