July 5 to 16, 2004 Tumwater to Life On Wheels

July 5th we drove 92 miles and parked in front of Bill's mother Elena's house.  We had last done this in August 2003, but with the Dolphin.

Meesha was enjoying his new perch we got him in June.

The birds were still enjoying the feeders outside Elena's window:

It was a just a quick visit with Elena, but a good one.

July 6th we drove 264 miles to Sandy Heights RV Park in Pasco, WA.   We had last stayed here in August 2003.

We had some warranty service work done at Chief's RV in Pasco and had to stay busy with Evita during the day.  We spent some of the time at the parks along the Columbia River in Richland.  We used to walk and ride bikes in these parks when we lived in Richland.

July 9th we drove 172 miles to Life On Wheels in Moscow, ID.  We parked with our friends on Lot A this time.  This was our third Life On Wheels, the last was in July 2003.

Facing north, this is our group from the left is Frank & Dianne, ourselves, Dan and Jenny, and Dave and Elinore:

Views of Lot A:

Our friends Dave and Barb were in the parking crew and were parked in Lot A.  We had last saw them during May in Las Vegas.

From the path up above looking down at Lot A:

The big tents:

Out towards Lot B, which is on concrete and gravel:

Even some tent campers:

Nick and Miss Terry of Gypsy Journal were teaching classes but went for pavement due to the weight of their bus:

One tent has classes and meetings in it:

Dick and Ann were in handicapped electric:

The other tent is the bookstore:

Dinner out with friends:

We enjoyed our third Life on Wheels, especially the visiting with friends.

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