July 10-18, 2003 - Life on Wheels and Hells Canyon

Our one night at Lake Pleasant worked out well, it was only a short distance from the house but now we were living in the motorhome.  We could use this as a base location when we came back from the Life on Wheels conference.  We had attended Life on Wheels in 2002, so this was our second year.  The previous year we were still working so we made the drive to the area in one day, this time we drove 190 miles to Suncrest Resort in Moses Lake, WA, which is where we stopped on the way back from Life on Wheels the year before.

On the 11th we drove to 146 miles Moscow, ID and since we had registered early we parked on the grass:

Notice the satellite dish, we were on the internet.  Being on the grass was much cleaner and the grass was cooler than gravel.  Since it could get hot in Moscow, and did, we appreciated the grass.

On the 12th we got up early since we had booked a half-day Hells Canyon jet boat trip.  The bus picked us up and we went about 45minutes south to Clarkston, WA and boarded the boat.  Then we headed for Hells Canyon with sights along the way:

The canyon starts at the basalt cliffs:

There are many sights along the way including petroglyphs:

The famous Earl's Ranch Bull and we also made stops for food and potty breaks:

We saw rafters and wild turkeys:

We were at the turnaround point for the half-day trip, then we headed back a little faster:

On the way back we saw one bighorn sheep and quickly we were back in Clarkston:

There is an RV park right before the boat dock, maybe we will stay here sometime and take the full day trip?

We didn't end up taking many pictures at Life On Wheels this time, which is a shame.  We had a great time, learned a lot, met more people we would keep in contact with, reacquainted ourselves with others, we just thoroughly enjoyed it.  Since they waved the $10 fee to join Escapees at Life on Wheels, we joined that wonderful organization during the conference.

We do have pictures of the parking areas.  From the front of our campsite the main campus where the classes were was just to the left:

One day we had a very scenic sunset:

Here are pictures of the RV rears that hang over the end of the grass, we are partly on the right side of the first picture and the middle of the second picture:

All the tow vehicles are parked below.

This dog looks a lot like Kia:

Evita had walks here in the evening, it was cooler and there was less commotion to spook her:

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