May 10 - July 8, 2003 - Preparing to move out of the house

When we retrieved our mail after coming back from the cruise we had a surprise, Bill was supposed to perform jury duty in Kitsap County the last week of May.  There were two problems with this: 1) we were not yet living in Kitsap County so it was a long commute; 2) Diane's Lasik follow-up was the same week as his jury duty.  Since we had changed our address to Kitsap County with our drivers license changes Bill could not get out of the jury duty, but he did get the duty moved to the first week of June.

May 11th we drove down to Tumwater to see Bill's mother, who had fixed up her yard a bit:

We cleared stuff, we arranged for new carpet and painting, we lined up a real estate agent, we arranged for a handy man to do some fixing up of the house.  We also rented a storage unit and started moving stuff into it.  Diane had her Lasik surgery and it went well.   We were busy and getting tired, but planned to be out by July 1.  The house changes are on our final house web page.

Bill's jury duty meant he had a group number and needed to call each evening from Sunday to Thursday of the first week of June.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went well, his group was not called.  On Wednesday they said he needed to call at 11AM the next morning for a possible afternoon jury duty.  Bill packed a bag and drove to Nancie's in Poulsbo so he would be within the right distance to drive to the courthouse.  In the morning his group did have to go in and he reported.  It was a wrongful death civil trial and would take two weeks of trial.  Bill tried to get dismissed, but needed to come back the next morning.  He stayed another night at Nancie's.  Friday morning the jury selection went on and everything Bill tried didn't work, he ended up on the jury.  He had no work excuse, he was analytical and they liked that, he had a close relative who was a doctor, they liked that, he ended up one of 14 on the jury out of 88 called in.  It was very depressing. 

June 8th we had the motorhome packed and caravanned the motorhome towing the CRV and Bill driving the Subaru to Poulsbo and after about an hour working down the driveway had the motorhome parked at Nancie's:

During the week Bill would live in the motorhome alone while Diane worked on the house with the handy man.   On weekends Bill would normally drive to Woodinville and help out, driving back early Monday for jury duty.  The trial ran three full weeks and the jury decided the doctor had done no wrong, the lawyers and plaintiff just wanted to milk the man for money.  Diane had to do everything else with the house, she was frazzled and hired a friend to help her.  Bill got to know Nancie and Sandy quite well and Kia the dog really liked him:

After those weeks of staying, when Bill came to visit Kia would go crazy and wanted his attention.   Kia is a Bichon Frise, has a lot of energy, and a lot of personality.

On June 15th Diane's parents came to Poulsbo and Gregg helped us get our new internet satellite dish going.  We had already bought the equipment, now we had to get online and start paying for service:

You will see this dish in our travelogues, we really were happy to have internet access at most places we camped.

After the trial was over and the motorhome went back to Woodinville on the 29th of June.  Some things in the house were boxed up and put in storage.  Books were sold.  We got some help moving the big items to storage.  We moved into the motorhome parked next to the house on July 8th, the next morning the house got thoroughly cleaned and the carpets shampooed.  We moved the motorhome ten miles to Lake Pleasant RV Resort in Bothell, WA on the 9th for one night.  We were full timers now.

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