May 23 to 26, 2004 - Las Vegas, NV

On May 23rd Diane drove the Dutch Star her first travel day, 225 miles to Arizona Charlie's in Las Vegas, NV.   This is the same campground we stayed at in November 2002.

Here is our campsite:

We got together with our friend's Dave and Barb of .  We had met them a few months earlier.  They were staying in the area three weeks and had some local contacts.  One of those local contacts got them some coupons and we all had a very nice late lunch/early dinner at the Las Vegas Hilton buffet.

On May 25th we went down to Henderson to Ethel M Chocolate Factory.  They have a very nice cactus/desert garden out back:

The waste water is naturally processed and used in the garden, which is very interesting. 

More of the garden:

There were birds and lizards:

The chocolate was also very good. 

The morning of the 26th Dave came over and took some pictures.  This one is the same one on our website front end and our business cards:

A head shot of us:

A couple pictures of Evita Dave took since she charmed him:

For Dave's chronicles of our visits you can go to,_2004_-_Las_Vegas,_NV.htm .

After Dave left we followed Barb and Dave's recommendation and headed for Valley of Fire State Park.  Here are our pictures from the trip, Part 1.  Part 2

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