August 30, 2004 - Crater Lake National Park, Part 1

We came in the north entrance of Crater Lake National Park from Diamond Lake on a beautiful sunny August day.  We decided to take the Rim drive clockwise, which makes sense looking at this map:

Crater Lake is known for how blue it is.  Here is our first view with Wizard Island visible.  

The sides are steep:

There is still snow here and there, Crater Lake gets a lot of snow in the winter.

The tour boat's wake:

One of the tour boats by the shore, showing how blue and clear the water is:

Long telephoto of the other rim:

Further along Rim Drive:

The yellow stands out against the blue sky:

More squirrels:

Another view from Rim Drive:

Tour boat dock:

The clouds add to the view:

Mount Thielsen in the distance:

More views with clouds:

Snow in the distance:

Phantom Ship:

Wizard Island on telephoto:

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