August 24 to 31, 2004 - Eastern Oregon Wanderings

August 24th the rally was over in Baker City so we headed out towards Eugene, OR to get our solar system installed.  We stopped for fuel in La Grande and Bill called up to make sure our appointment was still on.  He found out that because of the weather they would like to delay a week.  Therefore we found that we had a week to play and no reason to drive far.  We ended up going only 91 miles to the Wildhorse Casino just east of Pendleton, OR for the night.  Here is our campsite showing the weather was not the greatest:

The next morning we decided to explore US395 and headed south.  Now the weather was fairly good.  Diane's parents once drove their motorhome from Eastern Washington to Southern California in two days one summer so we expected it to be a good road.  It was a good road, but it had many passes and curvy areas.  After 202 miles we stopped at Burns RV Park in Burns, OR.  Here is our campsite and farm view:

Neither of us could remember being in Burns before so we drove around the area to look.  We decided one night was enough, at least this trip.

The next morning we drove 238 miles to Klamath Falls, OR and stopped for three nights at the Oregon 8 Motel and RV Park.  They gave us a long spot by the fence:

We had been in Klamath Falls before and enjoyed our stay.  August 28th we drove the car over the Cascades to Ashland, OR and had lunch.  We saw this converted bus in town:

That bus could not stay the night where they were since Ashland is a town known for the word, "NO":

The weather continued to be nice.

We did more exploring of the area by Klamath Falls but didn't take pictures.  We did enjoy a meal at Black Bear Diner.

On the 29th we drove 77 miles to Diamond Lake and stayed at Diamond Lake RV Resort.  Here is our campsite:

The forest service has a campground right on the lake, it would have cost us $20/night for no hookups since we needed a "premium" site.  We were across the road with a large, full hookup 50AMP site for $24.54/night.  

Evita loved this campground, we think it is her favorite anywhere.  Birds and squirrels were everywhere, one squirrel even ran over her foot and surprised everyone including Evita.  Here are some squirrel pictures:

Pictures around Diamond Lake itself:

Mount Bailey:

Mount Thielsen:

The informational sign about the lake:

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The month of August is over and so is our time in Eastern Oregon.  In a few weeks they might get snow in some of the places we were.

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