September 1 to 6, 2004 - Eugene and Sutherlin, OR

We were now ready to get our solar panels installed so on September 1st we left Diamond Lake and drove across the Cascade Mountains to Eugene.  We camped at Deerwood Campground on the south end of the city and had driven 165 miles.  Here is our campsite:

We stopped for lunch at a turnout and while eating lunch a rental truck went by quite closely and it shook the motorhome, we have no idea why it drove so close.  We didn't learn until we were camped that it had actually touched the motorhome and left a scratch from a piece of lumber.  We were not happy.

We got up in the morning and moved to AM Solar's location to get the solar system installed.   Here is the motorhome in place with the slide out to make it easier to install the wiring:

It did rain a bit but they had time between rains to complete the solar install. 

The solar installed, we moved to Eugene Kamping World in Coburg, OR for the night.  The motorhome had traveled a total of 14 miles this second day of September. 

Evita was tired:

It was Labor Day Weekend so on the 3rd we headed 66 miles south to Timber Valley Escapees Co-op in Sutherlin, OR.  We got a nice, large site.  An Escapees park is a good place for a holiday.

Our view:

The solar panels:

The two in back are next to each other:

Timber Valley has wildlife.  Here is a rabbit in the evening:


Another rabbit in daylight:

There are three places to camp in Sutherlin and we had now stayed at all three.  All were nice places, but a SKP park is like home and we will stay here from now on.  The other stops were in April 2002 at Hiway Haven and December 2002 at Oak Hills Golf Club and RV Park.

On the 5th we drove over to the Oregon Coast and had lunch at Billy Smoothbars in Bandon, a place we knew.  On the way back we stopped for the Elk viewing.  This is what we saw at first:

Then they came out into the big meadow:

The only picture with the big bull in it:

At Timber Valley they had many wild turkeys:

Evita saw one turkey and with Diane holding the leash she tried to sneak up on it.  Then she turned the corner and there was a big flock of turkeys.  Evita decided that was too many and ran for home.   We were told by others that there were 17 turkeys.

We all three really liked Timber Valley and will come back someday.  We also had a nice meal at Si Casa Flores while in town, which we had tried another time we stopped for lunch in Sutherlin.

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