September 19, 2004 - Sights around Brookings, OR

We decided to stay close to town our last day and see the local sights.  We started by going to the only redwood grove in the State of Oregon:

Looking up through a fire damaged tree:

Though the redwoods are not as large as they get further south, they are still larger than the other trees around:

Then we went to Harris Beach State Park, just north of town.  Bill had camped here with his family while young. It was good weather on the ocean:

Squirrels again:


Nice views:

Then off we went to Loeb State Park to see the river and the myrtle trees:

The wood from myrtles is beautiful and leaves can be used instead of bay leaves in cooking:

Finally we visited a local park full of flowers, Brookings is known for its flowers:

The locals cultivate these for us all to see:

Quite a nice way to end our stay in Brookings.

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