September 20 to 22, 2004 - Seeing the redwoods around Eureka, CA

September 20th we drove 114 miles south on US101 to the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, CA for three nights.  We even had a view of redwoods from our campsite:

September 21st we had time to explore the area across the bay from Eureka.  Here we are looking towards the ocean:

Looking back towards Eureka:

It was interesting how few people were on this side of the bay.

Then we headed north and saw elk around Trinidad:

See the big bull?

We were not the only ones to stop, but we were not as close as this guy taking a picture:

Then we headed north and Bill saw what looked like a whale spout so we pulled over at the Redwood National Park Visitor's Center.  A group of rangers and volunteers were watching the whales.  They had really good binoculars, so we could see the whales well.  Here is a view of the ocean:

The camera was not as good as the binoculars, but some photos came out.  Killer whale on extreme telephoto:

Humpback breaching on extreme telephoto:

The whales moved further out so we moved on.  We were glad we stopped since seeing whales here in September is not common.

We then visited the Ladybird Johnson Grove September 21

Avenue of the Giants on September 22, Part 1, Part 2

The weather was great for our stop in Eureka and we had a great time seeing the wildlife and the coast redwoods.  Eureka is also a nice town.

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