July 11-19, 2005 - Chimacum, Sequim Lavender Festival

On July 11th we drove 98 miles on "north" US101 to Evergreen Coho SKP Co-op in Chimacum, WA.  We say "north" on US101 since north US101 loops clockwise around the Olympic Peninsula and ends in Olympia, WA, heading east and then south.   This is a favorite place for us to camp, the people are friendly and the location is close to Port Townsend and Sequim.  We were last here in July 2004. Here is our campsite, which isn't much but works:

On the 12th Nancie and Sandy drove up from Poulsbo and we treated them to dinner at the Chimacum Cafe as they delivered our mail to us. 

On the 13th we took the ferry over to Seattle since we had a health insurance meeting in Bellevue.  We saw a log boom being pulled by a tug on the way over:

There was some haze going over, but we could see the Seattle skyline:

The meeting went well and allowed us to touch base with some people we knew and a couple we only knew through email and phone calls.  Then we stopped by Swedish Sleep Therapy Supply since Diane's CPAP mask was not behaving.  It turned out the mask was defective, so she got a new part which did work much better.  The sun was out on the way back to the west side of Puget Sound:

We were racing back since we had arranged to meet Leslie and Mike for dinner at the Ajax Cafe and we hit traffic, of course.  We had a very nice dinner and they invited us to see their new house in Port Townsend the next day, just show up since they will be home all day.  They were now living between a condo in Kirkland and this house, having sold their house in Redmond.  Once Leslie retires in a couple years they plan to move to Port Townsend full time. 

The next day, the 14th, we drove over to see the house and its view:

Leslie and Mike were not home, we figured they were running an errand.  Turned out they had a family emergency to deal with and were back in Kirkland.  They didn't make it back to Port Townsend until after we had left Chimacum, so we didn't get to see the inside of the house.

On the 16th Betsy and Dan came to stay with us so we could all go to the Sequim Lavender Festival.  We all went to dinner at the Baja Cantina in Sequim, which we had tried a couple days earlier and knew was decent.  Dan was reading the newest Harry Potter and finished it while visiting.  Once he finished it he called his daughter who was also reading the book and they discussed it, she hadn't finished it yet so he won the race.  The next day we went to the Festival:

It was a beautiful day, clear and sunny, perfect for the festival.  Betsy and Dan were buying plants for their Seattle home and had a great time.  The last lavender farm we went to had more than lavender, including lavender drinks and other flowers:

You could also see Mount Baker in the distance, but could also tell that the main crop in Sequim was houses:

Betsy and Dan took off to take the Bremerton ferry and crossed during sunset, which is a very scenic time to cross. 

Our friends Joan and Ken were supposed to be camp hosting at Sequim Bay State Park, but were delayed by repairs to their motorhome.  They called on the 17th to say they finally made it to the State Park, so we got together with them on the 18th for dinner in Sequim and had a great time visiting.

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