July 20-26, 2005 - Poulsbo, WA and Family Gathering

July 20th we drove 29 miles back to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA.  It was time for the yearly Melde Family Gathering.  We ended up in the site next to the one we wanted, the one we really like was rented out longer term.  Our front wheels were up in the air again:

The flowers were blooming, Puget Sound was inviting, it all looked quite nice at Diane's aunts place:

There was a Great Blue Heron on the dock for a while and a seal in the water:

Diane's sister Kimberly and her husband Dennis stayed with us in the motorhome some of the time, they were here both for the family gathering and to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.  They were married here in Poulsbo at Diane's aunts house.  Kimberly was avidly reading the latest Harry Potter book and finished it while staying with us, just like Dan did in Chimacum.

We helped with the preparations and the main day was the 23rd, the kids were already swimming:

After eating and talking it was time for the pictures:

Here is a close up of the oldest generation that attended:

The other brother hadn't attended since 2001, but was alive, the other two sisters were no longer with us. 

Eventually a seal and her baby came to the dock, Momma made it on but the baby was unable so Momma went back in the water:

The kids had a good time.

Gregg and Dennis harvested clams on the 24th for those who were left

While we were all eating Momma and baby seal made it onto the dock:

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