July 27 to August 14, 2005 - Fall City, Rochester, LaConner

On July 27 we drove the very familiar route between Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA and Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City, WA.  This time we took I-405 and it was 107 miles.  We were unable to get the campsite we really liked, but got the one next to it:

Our neighbors in the campsite we liked turned out to be really nice people and we were glad to know them.  Diane's parents also came into the campground a day later so we spent a lot of time with them.  We spent our time at Tall Chief clearing up loose ends for our trip east.  It is our home park.

On August 3rd Dan and Jenny picked us up and we all went to Mount Vernon for Ann Phillips's memorial.  We had last seen Dick and Ann in Indio, CA in March.

On August 4th we headed back to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA, another familiar place and 102 miles away.  Our campsite is much like the others on the row for big rigs:

We visited Bill's mother, Elena, here are some pictures outside her place:

Meesha is still in charge, now he has a tissue box to remind him of what he looks like:

We had a good visit with Bill's mother, we would not be seeing her until spring. 

On the 8th we drove up to LaConner, WA, it was the first time we had ever driven a motorhome through Seattle.  It went fine, we normally had a reason to head to the Eastside, but this time we were going through.  It was 152 miles.  We didn't have many choices of campsites, so we picked this one that was not level and was down in a hole.  We had to block the back wheels since that is where the brakes are, but we did have our satellite dish working:

We signed up to get a sewer site and thought we had scoped it well but when we moved to the site on the 10th we were unable to use our dish:

One of our reasons for being in LaConner was to visit and help our friend Dick in Mount Vernon, whose wife Ann had died a few weeks earlier.  We had met Dick and Ann at Life on Wheels, there are pictures of them from the first Life on Wheels we attended. Dick had high speed internet so we would lug our notebook computers over and use his internet connection while keeping him company and helping him out.  Diane cooked him a big lasagna to freeze and we made piroshki from the leftover meat filling Bill's Mom made.  The piroshki were a hit, which is common.  Dick had his eye on this moped and bought it:

It would go about 25mph downhill.  He figured he would use it to run errands in town.

We finally met Dick's neighbor, also named Dick:

We also took one day and drove into British Columbia, scoping out the border crossings, scoping out the close campgrounds, and scoping out the stores.  We were getting ready to make our way across Canada on our way east and LaConner was our jumping off point.

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