June 30 to July 6, 2005 - Copalis Beach, WA

On June 30th we drove 96 miles to Sunrise Copalis Beach, just north of Ocean Shores, WA on the coast.  The campground had just reworked its nicest sites and we got one:

That is the Pacific Ocean in the background of the second picture, we were effectively on the ocean.  The Copalis River flowed parallel to the beach so you had to wade the river to get to the salt water, but the ocean was visible from our campsite.

For stores and restaurants the main place to go was Ocean Shores, a tourist town less than ten miles south with many vacation houses, motels, attractions and restaurants.  For more major stuff you need to go further to the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area about 25 miles away.  North of Copalis Beach were more small towns and beaches up into the Quinault Indian Reservation.  Years earlier Bill had worked for the Washington Department of Transportation and had walked much of the road north marking locations for reflectors. 

The campground completely filled up for Independence Day, but by the time we left it was about half full.  Across the fence in front of the motorhome was another campground. 

We didn't do much while staying in Copalis Beach, we did venture to Aberdeen one day.  We also ventured into the Indian reservation another, but mostly we wandered around Ocean Shores if we went anywhere. 

Here is what one of beaches looked like north of town:

People in the adjoining campground flew kites:

Sunsets were nice down by the river and ocean:

While in Aberdeen we ate at Duffy's, a chain of two nice restaurants that have been in the area a long time.  Duffy's has yak meat as a choice, it is quite good and a bit different than beef, Bill had some. 

In Ocean Shores the best place we tried was Galway Bay, an Irish Pub, it was quite good.  We found out later that the food was quite authentic.

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